Convergence Church
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Move Together with us on Mission
Learn what it means to be a Family, Servant, and Missionary with Convergence Church, Charlotte, NC.
Learn to follow Jesus in a gospel FAMILY doing real life together with real people, growing and laboring in our love for Jesus and for each other.
Learn to SERVE our community in the power and name of Jesus together with your MC, finding opportunities to fulfill the "one-anothers" of Scripture.
Learn to use your gifts and personality to live on MISSION of Jesus with your MC, making disciples of all nations

Have You Ever Felt:

  • Lost?
    We can find hope by knowing Jesus. The Word of God is a Lamp unto our feet and a Light unto our path. All who ask shall receive, and to all who knock, the door shall be opened.
  • Afraid?
    Christ is the anchor to a fearful and broken soul. As we Grow in Him we become immovable and unshakeable by the changing world.
  • Useless?
    Jesus saves us and fills us with His Spirit, empowering us and sending us on mission to make disciples of all the nations. It is through Him we find our true purpose and calling.
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