Convergence Church


3 Ways to Get Connected at Convergence Church.

Get Connected and Grow with Others

Join a Family on Mission
The gospel changes everything. Who Jesus is and what he has done is good news for your everyday life. With Jesus, you can be real about brokenness, religious burn out, and boredom with churchy lives.

3 Ways to Connect

  1. Sunday Service (The Church Body Gathering)
  2. Missional Community (Families within the Church meeting locally)
  3. DNA Groups (Gender-specific small groups for accountability and prayer)
Get help finding an MC to try out.
Try Out an MC
Let us help you connect with an MC and try it out!
MCs are a great way to try out Convergence Church
DNA Groups
Gender-specific triads for growing deeply in the grace and knowledge of Jesus.
Grow in understanding and applying God's Word in gender-specific groups. In DNA Groups, you learn to Discover God's Word, Nourish it in each other's hearts through prayer and encouragement, and Act on it through accountability.
Get help connecting to a DNA Group.
Connect with a DNA Group
Let us help you connect with a DNA Group!
DNA Groups help you connect and grow deeply in the grace and knowledge of Jesus.
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