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Plan Your Sunday Visit

Come join our family as we fellowship with one another, and hear the good news of Jesus at Convergence Church.
Sunday Worship Gathering • 10am
Plan Your Visit
Come join a family who serves one another on mission to share the good news of Jesus. Gather with us this Sunday at 10am in Plaza Midwood.

Each week we gather to celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Sunday Gathering, 10am
time & Directions
10am at Great Commission Center
1324 The Plaza, Charlotte, NC 28205
What To Expect
Join us Sundays at 10am.
Plan Your Sunday Visit
Join a family that is moving together on mission!
Worship as a Family
We are a family integrated church. That means we desire to include all ages in our worship of the Lord Jesus! We have seen God's goodness in discipling our children to worship in a family environment. For those difficult moments with the younger children and for nursing mothers, we have a Mother's Room downstairs, which has a TV so that you can watch the service while caring for your children.
Hear God's Word as a Family
Convergence Church is committed to Knowing God, and we primarily know Him through His Word. On Sundays we place the Word at the center of our worship service. We read the Scripture responsively as a church, we read it throughout our times of worship, and we hear the preaching of God's Word from the pulpit each week. We encourage you to bring your Bible (or Bible app!) and engage with the Word by taking notes. Click here to see our Order of Worship this week.
Grow as a Family
As we hear God's Word we respond together in several ways: We worship God through songs of praise; We reflect and examine our hearts together through discussion and prayer; and we remember the death of the Lord Jesus for us by taking the Lord's Supper. If you are interested in a relationship with Jesus, we invite you to come to the altar and pray with one of our pastors during the Supper.
Move on Mission as a Family
Sunday is just one piece of life with the Convergence family. As we hear God's Word on Sundays, we go forth into our communities to live it and share it with others. We join biweekly in DNA groups of men or women to dive into God's Word through prayer and accountability. We also meet weekly in our Missional Communities as we seek to live life together and be faithful to share the Gospel in our neighborhoods and circles of influence.

Sunday Visit Details

A few extra items to know for your Sunday visit.
There are several spaces for parking on Sunday. As you turn off of Plaza onto Hamorton Place, you can park on either side of the street. Alternatively you can park on the first parking lot on the left (across the street from the church), or on the second parking lot on the right. We only ask that you not park on the lot attached to the church on the right, as it is reserved for another church that is meeting on Sunday mornings.
COVID Precautions
A few of the precautionary measures we are taking for the safety of our congregation and community are:
- Temperatures taken by greeters at entrance
- Colored wristbands indicating level of comfort with physical interaction
- Lord's Supper administered with individual sealed cups
- Service available for streaming online.
For more details and information about our precautionary measures click here!
Next Steps
If you are as excited as we are about this family and are interested in pursuing the next step , please fill out a visitor card and place in our offering box. We'd love to discuss your interest in Following Jesus, Joining the Convergence Family, Serving Opportunities, or any other inquiries you may have! Speak with one of our greeters or with our pastors after the service, fill out a visitor card, or email us here and we would be glad to meet you for a cup of coffee or speak with you over the phone.
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